Monday, 14 March 2016

Here's the idea...

Yet another fashion blog... I know, I know: what is even the point?

Well, this one is a little different. (They all say that, but I mean it.) This blog will chronicle my journey as I cull my wardrobe down to a classic core wardrobe complemented by some one-of-a-kind pieces that I absolutely love and endeavour to replace items (on an as needed basis) with items I have made myself.

I hope to do this over the course of the next four years, so that, by the beginning of 2020, I will be able to make all of what I wear. There are a few exceptions: I will not be trying to make shoes, boots, bike shorts, nylons, or new glasses. Everything else, however is fair game. By everything, I really do mean EVERYTHING. I already have the sewing and knitting skills to make blouses, skirts, pants, pyjamas, dresses, mitts, gloves, hats, scarves, cowls, cardigans, pullovers and sweater-dresses. I have some rusty tailoring and millinery skills that I'd love to brush up on, and, over the next few years, I plan to learn how make vests, wool coats, ties (for my sweetie), men's suits, yoga shorts and tops, tights, t-shirts, bathing suits, leather jackets, bras, bustiers, and panties.

I already make some of my own clothing. I love the process (even when I sometimes find it frustrating) and I love the satisfaction of being able to brag that I made what I'm wearing when someone compliments my outfit. I have other reasons as well, more political reasons, which have helped to inform this decision. Most of my decision revolves around wanting a high-quality, custom-made wardrobe of amazing clothes, but a small part of it has to do with wanting to be self-sufficient in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Over the next few years, I plan to expand my skill-set to include tailoring, leather-work, lacework, and working with stretch fabrics. I'll have to take some courses to learn some of what I want to know, because there are limits to what I want to struggle to figure out on my own. I am largely self-taught, but why not use classes at the haute-couture school in town to brush up on some new skills, right?

I'm not sure how this will all pan out, but I'm excited to see where it takes me. I'll post about wardrobe cullings, items I've made, classes I'm taking, projects I'm working on, and any wardrobe theory that's relevant to my journey. From time to time, I may also post about choice pieces already in my closet, because some of my existing wardrobe deserves to have its day in the spotlight!

I am going to allow myself up to three cheats a year, but with one caveat: any item I buy has to have been designed and made by a small business, preferably local (ideally in the National Capital Region, but I'll settle for in Canada) or be second-hand. I'll probably post about those pieces as well, because I love to support and promote small businesses!

I hope you decide to come along for the ride!